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Absolutely Nothing. WTF.

Good morning from the boat! I am down here in the beautiful state of CT relaxing, sipping my coffee and writing about something. I haven’t figured it out yet, but according to research, bloggers are supposed to post at least … Continue reading

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Is Business Booming For You?

Over the course of the past few days I have been blogging a lot more. Definitely not about anything specific. It’s been a very interesting past month for SDG. We have immersed ourselves in new ways of business. We have … Continue reading

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Windows Computers…

They’re terrible. We all know that. They develop viruses all by themselves, they decide not to work at random, and you get mad at them at least once a day. Sound familiar? This is the shit I am dealing with … Continue reading

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Phone Calls are Great

Here it goes. Phone calls are great. Simply put. Whether or not it is a phone call that is about bad news or good news, if your phone is ringing in your office, at least someone is thinking of your … Continue reading

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