Phone Calls are Great


Here it goes. Phone calls are great. Simply put. Whether or not it is a phone call that is about bad news or good news, if your phone is ringing in your office, at least someone is thinking of your company. Even if they’re upset, they still thought in their head the name of your business.

I got off the phone with a gentleman who may or may not need a website. I hadn’t talked to him in about a year give or take. The point is, he remembered myself and my company. Whenever your phone rings, PICK IT UP! Have you ever called a company and the phone just keeps ringing and ringing and then it eventually goes to voicemail?

Of course we all have experienced that! It’s so frustrating, especially in this world of technology. Or how about the businesses who don’t even have voicemail? Why do I say PICK IT UP!?!?! Because every time you do not pick it up, is a potentially lost sale. What if the person on the other end of the phone, on the morning you spilled coffee on yourself, slipped in the shower, dog peed on your shoe and the lady at Starbucks slammed the door in your face, was the biggest account you could have signed? And you didn’t pick it up because you were having a bad day, or you just didn’t feel like it. I was almost going to let it roll to voicemail, instead I picked it up. I was right in the middle of a project, instead, I took 24 mins and 52 seconds to talk with this person.

Now here I am writing about it. Why? Because it’s to help you realize the importance of seizing every opportunity that comes your way. All opportunities have a shelf life, seize it before it expires.

Until Next Time, Cheers!


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