What the heck… Go For It

What the heck… Go For It.

If only that were said more often than not. Often times I find that people tend to put another person down when they come up with a seemingly good idea. Or they say, hey that won’t work anyways so why bother trying.

After a few years in the world of sales, to be more specific: Copier Sales, a whopping month in Advertising Sales, Coffee Sales, I began to realize that it was not the life for me. I left sales and went into managing a sports store. A seemingly good idea at the time. Part of changing to that job was for personal reasons, another was to see if I could make it work. A quick story…

I went to work for this new “startup” company. I knew the owners for years, I was told constantly to not take the job. Common questions/phrases after I took the job: What are you doing with your life? Why did you leave your previous job with full benefits, 401K, a great income? You’re making a mistake was the most frequent one said. I was so tired of hearing this. But I knew that their was a reason why I was to take that job. I still had to do sales, but it was a different kind. I had a quota to fill. I knew that I had to increase sales from $0 to at least $10,000 a month. Holy crap right? It was easy. I figured it out within the first week. I started calling up and emailing every single sports arena, venue, store in the area. Then I started hitting up every sports team, whether it was children’s, high school, tournaments… It didn’t matter as long as they agreed. You’re probably thinking, agreed to what? I had them agree that I could send someone to the place of business (IE: Tournament), set up a tent and sell sports “crap.” By week three I had booked 2-4 events per weekend from CT-NY. I talked the owners into buying a box truck and having the logos put on. It was a home run, my idea worked. Next was ramping up Internet sales. Unfortunately, the owners didn’t want to put any money into this portion. That never worked. A year later, I left the company and started Twisted Promotions which morphed into SDG.

okay… So maybe that was a little longer than a quick story. The point is that we can’t be afraid to jump off the deep end. If you’re afraid, you’ll likely never reach your goals/dreams or it will just take you a heck of a lot longer to get their.

The first company I started was a production company, I sucked at running it but was great at the entertaining end of it. I sold it to my brother, in the form of a handshake and… a steady paycheck. Years later I knew I wanted to own another business. I worked for the big fortune 500 company, and everything in between. I wanted to taste that freedom again. I wanted to know that my financial success depended on me doing what is necessary, not worry about fluffing some CEO’s pocket in the Netherlands. Even when I dove feet first into this company I was once again hearing the same b.s. I ignored again, after nearly two years at it I am still growing the business, and loving every moment of it. Although I may not have the steady income that someone with a 9-5 job has (btw, job is an acronym for just over broke), I have freedom.

So why the picture of google? Well, I could also put a picture of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and many others. If they listened to other people instead of actually going for it then where would we be as a society today? Would we have computers, iPads, social networking? Think about it…

Until next time Cheers!



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