A long last month…

So I know it’s been about a month since I have blogged. Fortunately my company is very busy and hasn’t had time to focus on our own blog. I know it’s a bad thing…
On that note I wanted to take a moment to discuss how we as small business owners can get easily distracted. What happens to most of us SB owners is that we get X number of clients, those clients take up 99% of our week and then we have no time left to develop the business. It is so easy for us to get distracted as we are typically the project manager, CEO, bookkeeper, receptionist and everything in between. Faced with the issue of a growing business and not enough money to hire someone? I think a lot of us are in that boat. We often get to work early in the morning and stay late at night just to make ends meet. So how do we maneuver our time in order to get all things accomplished, including working on your branding etc? That’s a good question and one that I am still searching for an answer on.
So the title of this post… It has truly been a grueling last month. We had out big grand opening party with an attendance of over 125! We signed many new contracts, and have been working a lot of hours to get things somewhat done. Thankfully the weather has broke and we are finally getting a little bit of sunshine!
I have realized now that I have a habit of blogging at 12am and after. And that I also end up wanting to fall asleep before I know what the end of the blog is. I’m at that point again, time to hit the hay for a long day ahead of me tomorrow, well… Actually just later today!

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