The Fire is Lit

So the Fire has been lit from your companies new name. The re-branding is in process. Now what do you do?

First, you need to make sure that all of your marketing materials get changed over (assuming you have these…) If you’re a sales oriented company this is a particularly important thing to get done asap.
Second, you need to brief your staff on these new changes. Let them know why you did it. What changes they may see. A good Q&A session never hurts anyone! Inform them that it is only a name change and that you haven’t been bought out by some huge corporate business. There is nothing wrong with being truthful to your employees and customers.
Third, do some training with your employees. If you have decided to do a complete rebranding then this is vital. Your employees will need to know what to say while on the phone, especially your sales staff. Train your office manager in all of the new happenings as he/she is sometimes, if not always, the most important part of your business’s organization.
Fourth, if you are going go rebrand your organization, make sure you have all of your ducks in a row. What I mean by this is, make sure you have timelines in place. Meaning, know what you want done and by when. If you set a target date of having your logo and marketing material rebranded in a two month period, make sure it is done. Understand the time it make take to get certain things changed over. Be patient! Don’t rush your re branding process just because you want it done!

Well, on that note…. I will do a follow up blog post on this. But for now, I’m super sleepy and starting not to think straight. …..

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