First Update….

Well many things… First off, SDG is not a new company, just a new name! Our old name was Twisted Promotions.

How did the name change come about? Well… After deciding to not venture into the promotions business, which is much different than marketing we needed a cleaner, more professional name for doing graphic design and marketing.

We decided upon SDG for a couple of reasons. The first being is that we started the business in Springfield,Ma. The second being, well, we all liked the sound of it. Plus we wanted a name that could have an acronym associated with it. SDG fit all of our needs.

So as time passed with the name change, it was amazing how much more the phone started to ring, furthermore, the suspects (if your in sales you will know these terms), turned into prospects and then into clients for the ones I had in my pipeline for a year. When I called these now clients and gave my elevator pitch I was in with the new name. I got the meeting and just new I had to sell them and close the deal. Once I was in the door everything just happened. It was, amazing how just changing your name and rebranding yourself can really do for a company.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not something all companies should do. If McDonalds or Starbucks renamed themselves they would more than likely go under. However, if you’re a small business with a not so intriguing name and a rather dull way of marketing, a fresh start may be all you need to get the fire lit again!

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